Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Do not worry I am not Dead

Do not worry I am not dead just been way way busy for the past few months! Whats happened in that time you ask? Well for Starters Passed Astronomy 101 and the Lab for it which was hard as heck for me. Passed English 100 I think (grade has still not come in yet should be in by later today posting this on July 30th at well 12:01ish MDT) Ground School just finished and should be taking the FAA written by end of Aug! My Aviation history course ends next week lets just say its boring yes Jeremy McMillen is saying something Aviation related is well boring but then again you would be too if the class was self paced and was history/learning about Aviation jobs when you know most things about both topics! But now enough of about schoolish type stuff lets move on to what I have been doing other then school. Well for starters odd jobs, having my truck helps because I can do dump runs and charge extra. Hanging with friends of course as many of them are about to leave or have left. Oh yeah, I guess this is also a good time to say oh by the way if any of my Washington Family reads this which I think maybe two of you do three if I am lucky, don't worry I get you are busy and have to check emails and such then do other things, well anyways I am not coming up in Aug I am well coming up in Dec or Jan not sure which yet, because I got sorta lucky and GRCC will let me take a full course load online this coming QT so we figured save the two grand it would of taken for me to pay for the Apartment and use for Spring courses if I do not get much in terms of Grant Money.  Anyways moving on one last thing I have to say I am super proud of my best friend, she got her certificate in Vet Assisting last Thursday! She inspires me to fallow my dreams. Heck, she inspires me in general and I am proud to call her my friend!  Now for recent photos I have taken.
Oh yeah we have a new Smiths its fancy (think Walmart - Guns) and this is the Boss of Kroger's Jet 

The KROW yard I mean Bone Yard at KROW

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