Monday, June 9, 2014

So long time no post but don't worry I ant dead

So first off yes I know long time no post, so figured I would check in. Well I graduated!!!!! Class of 2014! I then had a crazy night but I enjoyed every minute of it then again who wouldn't when they are hanging with there best friend!

So now you must be wondering so what the heck is he doing this summer well I am taking/ doing this summer. Well Collage wise I am taking English 100 Astronomy 100 At UNM-LA, Ground School on my own but hey its FREE!, and Aviation History and Careers out of Green River online.

Photos from Graduation and that night

My Friend and I

My Great Aunt Friend and I



Way too many leis!

Me and my Best Friend!

Me (Yes I was wearing the Seahawks Tie!)

LAHS Class of 2014 Grad!

Oh yeah ignore my bad grammar I am just doing this as I stated in the first ever post of this blog for my personal amusement!)

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