Thursday, July 18, 2013

Why I hate Blackboard

Now before I began my rant let me first tell you what Blackboard is. Blackboard is an online well class room for lack of a better term. In this I have every thing the professor assigns for the Aviation Security Course I am taking. Well Last Saturday we had a huge rain storm which knocked out power for just about one minute. At this time I had just said go to next question on a quiz I was taking, so the page did not loud so I refreshed the page after internet came back and it said I had finished the quiz when I knew I had not as I was only 8 questions in out of 25 questions. Thankfully my professor was nice and will let me re-take the quiz sometime this Saturday so as long as power does not go out then I will be a happy camper.
Now the rant. Don't worry its short!
Dear Blackboard
 If a page does not loud during a quiz and one hits re-fresh well you think they finished the test and you kick them out of the test this is pure stupidniss. Please change to where if someone hits re-fresh just take them back to where they were instead of kicking them off the test.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

So what exactly am I taking

So as of now I am taking two classes a math class which we will not talk about (its not that important okay yes math is important but its basically college algebra nothing to special) and the other class is a course in aviation security. The course its self is online so makes life easy for me as I don't have set time when I need to log on or anything, in fact most of the courses I will be taking this year as I plan on taking two more in the fall two more in spring then two the summer in between when I graduate from high school and when I head down to ENMR (Eastern New Mexico Roswell). Now you must be thinking to your self why in the world are you taking so many courses now, well a little thing called the sequester is the cause, When we went down to ENMR over spring break last year, the instructor well dean of program and one of the instructors for the program said I should start now, or as soon as I can so I am in the pipe so if I did well on a little aptitude test and she gives me her recommendation to the FAA in about three years I still had a chance to be interviewed and sent to the FAA training. So that's why I am trying to do as many courses as I can now to get them done and up to KOKC sooner then later, plus as I am in High School I get the courses for free thanks to my High School picking up tab and the summer stuff that's free as our local community collage gives a summer bridge scholarship where I take two basic courses which for me would be English and writing as this is the last math I need to take yes I took one last summer as well figured if they give it to me free may as well do it right?
Now lets talk about the course its self other then the fact its 100% on line. We do two chapters a week post something we learn on the two chapters and then take a quiz on them by Saturday night. The text book is very well written except I have found one small error they had a photo of a TED A320 which they called a Boeing 757. The book has opened my eyes to many aspects of TSA, and airline/government rules which I had never heard of, granted I am an Airplane Geek and not a Security/Law freak but still figured I would know some of them nope I did not know much of the rules and such so I am enjoying the course just because its something New to me Plane Related (NPR)


So as this is the first blog post of Contact Departure I may as well introduce my self I am Jeremy a 18 year old high school senior (don't ask long story) who is well sorta enrolled in Eastern New Mexico Roswell Air Traffic Control Program which is one of 32 in the nation allowed by the FAA. The intention of this blog is to basically fallow my journey from a high school kid to a certified FAA employed Air Traffic Controller. So come with me!