Thursday, July 18, 2013

Why I hate Blackboard

Now before I began my rant let me first tell you what Blackboard is. Blackboard is an online well class room for lack of a better term. In this I have every thing the professor assigns for the Aviation Security Course I am taking. Well Last Saturday we had a huge rain storm which knocked out power for just about one minute. At this time I had just said go to next question on a quiz I was taking, so the page did not loud so I refreshed the page after internet came back and it said I had finished the quiz when I knew I had not as I was only 8 questions in out of 25 questions. Thankfully my professor was nice and will let me re-take the quiz sometime this Saturday so as long as power does not go out then I will be a happy camper.
Now the rant. Don't worry its short!
Dear Blackboard
 If a page does not loud during a quiz and one hits re-fresh well you think they finished the test and you kick them out of the test this is pure stupidniss. Please change to where if someone hits re-fresh just take them back to where they were instead of kicking them off the test.

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