Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sorry I looked like I was dead for a while

Well people I am back in school also known as High School. With that being said I am so sorry It has taken me over a month to post well updates: I passed a one course failed another and am planning to re-take as soon as I can which may be next summer. So with that drum roll please with the Aviation Security Course I got as my final grade a 98 and math don't ask as I said above I failed math has and never will be my thing. With that you may be wondering what in the world I am going to be taking this semester well besides my High School courses I will be taking Aviation Weather and starting week 9 of ENMR's semester I will be taking basically the way I see it an aviation physics 101 type course. So don't worry I am not dead and I will post updates when I can but school will come first before the blog okay who am I kidding I would much rather do this then Home Work. Now I got to have some fun this past weekend I got to go up in a Kit Version of a Piper Super Cub after using it for the back ground of my senior photos yes I am a senior in High School . The best part of the flight was we flew her open it was a blast. I have to thank the owner of her for letting us use her as the background then taking me up!  Now for photos (Keep in mind you can use these for wall papers and I plan on adding all the photos from the flight up to the Photos page)

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