Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I done messed up

Man I feel stupid I may of used a wiki type thing on an essay for HFA I had a 75/75 on it then yesterday she leaves the class a little online thing saying don't use Wikipedia as a sources its not credible and I looked at my grade it had gone to I am regrading your essay so now I sit and wait to find out if I messed up or not if you want to read it here you go (copy and past link or click on it) (Oh if you need translation on any terms used in essay leave a comment, and it was three pages when I printed it and when I saved as a word doc and its 650-700 words can not recall exact)


Sunday, January 12, 2014

Tomorrow Tomorrow not look forward to Tomorrow

As the title says I am not looking forward to tomorrow (1/13/14) I start my Human Factors in Aviation (HFA) course and my Stress Management Course (SM) I guess I am just freaked out that I wont understand the HFA that much but I know I need the SM ask anyone who knows me they all say you need Stress Management which I can see I mean look at me I am stressing over something Airplane related I never do that I mean I am an airplane Geek I live breath sleep planes but oh well I guess after last semester I am more down to Earth as in I know I am not Amazing Airplane Geek I know all
Anyways those of you who read this who are in collage or high school good luck this semester! Class of 2014 kick some ass T-5 months and counting

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Blogging from FL 380

So right now (08:37 MST 1/2/13) I am on Southwest flight 3493 from KHOU (HOU)- KABQ(ABQ) I figured why not play with wifi and have a little fun so figured why not type up a blog post about the trip so far lets see Pissed off at multiple things and pissed at whats coming next for me today because I am 99% sure of whats going to happen when I land and call someone then I get to wait a few hours for my next flight on a Cessna Grand Caravan to KLAM (LAM) which leaves at 2:10ish I believe but could be wrong its either 2:00 or 2:10 will figure out when on ground in ABQ