Sunday, January 12, 2014

Tomorrow Tomorrow not look forward to Tomorrow

As the title says I am not looking forward to tomorrow (1/13/14) I start my Human Factors in Aviation (HFA) course and my Stress Management Course (SM) I guess I am just freaked out that I wont understand the HFA that much but I know I need the SM ask anyone who knows me they all say you need Stress Management which I can see I mean look at me I am stressing over something Airplane related I never do that I mean I am an airplane Geek I live breath sleep planes but oh well I guess after last semester I am more down to Earth as in I know I am not Amazing Airplane Geek I know all
Anyways those of you who read this who are in collage or high school good luck this semester! Class of 2014 kick some ass T-5 months and counting

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