Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Finals Next week oh joy!

I have my collage course finals next week! Oh what joy! Also next week I get to start planing my classes for Green River! So excited for that part! I get to find out what will transfer what wont so yeah will let you all know what the heck is going on with that. To all my collage buddies at collage especially  my friend down at ENMR GET SOME! I know you can do it!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Museum of Flight Photos

Here are the Museum of Flight Photos from Yesterday. Oh yeah to all my friends in LA I saw Captain America haha.
Lockheed M-21 with D-21 Drone (Predictors to Sr-71)


Sam-970 Aka Air Force 1 

Pole makes this self explanatory 

Tail of Sam-970

RA001 aka First Boeing 747

First Boeing 747

Exhaust of BA Concord G-BOAG

First Boeing 737-100

Delta 757 Landing at SeaTac

G-BOAG engine 




 On the Landing Gear of G-BOAG

On the Landing Gear of G-BOAG

Bottom of the left engine in G-BOAG

The start of the wing

How to open G-BOAG's doors

Rear of G-BOAG

Life Jackets anyone

lol  try to read top

Answer to last photo

The world Famous

WW1 Plane

WW2 Plane

P-51 Wing


Cool Nose Art on a Yak

Prop on the Yak

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Green River

So as some of you know I went to Seattle to go see Green River Community Collage for there Aviation Programs. Well Lets Just say I am basically a Gator! Just have to do a few things get some stuff from ENMR and UNM-LA sent up some money for the first Quarter and I am set to go. So just so we all know I am going for at least two perhaps three degrees all Associates but I think I can transfer to University of Washington (UW) for a four year if I wanted to after the two years but who knows anyways the two main ones I am going for are Airline Dispatcher for a job and Air Traffic Controller too well look good for Airlines since I will have seen both sides and now for the third possible it will be Airport Manager. Anyways Today (4/5/14) We are going to the Museum of Flight at Boeing Field (KBFI, BFI) So excited photos to fallow soonish