Sunday, April 6, 2014

Museum of Flight Photos

Here are the Museum of Flight Photos from Yesterday. Oh yeah to all my friends in LA I saw Captain America haha.
Lockheed M-21 with D-21 Drone (Predictors to Sr-71)


Sam-970 Aka Air Force 1 

Pole makes this self explanatory 

Tail of Sam-970

RA001 aka First Boeing 747

First Boeing 747

Exhaust of BA Concord G-BOAG

First Boeing 737-100

Delta 757 Landing at SeaTac

G-BOAG engine 




 On the Landing Gear of G-BOAG

On the Landing Gear of G-BOAG

Bottom of the left engine in G-BOAG

The start of the wing

How to open G-BOAG's doors

Rear of G-BOAG

Life Jackets anyone

lol  try to read top

Answer to last photo

The world Famous

WW1 Plane

WW2 Plane

P-51 Wing


Cool Nose Art on a Yak

Prop on the Yak

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