Sunday, October 20, 2013

Well the Grade

So I told you all I had a mid term Tuesday and I would put the Grade up. Lets just say I am not happy with my self at all about it so with out further delay I got a 74 which murdered my grade in Aviation Weather down to a sad 82% from an 89% how ever I did get an 88% on my latest quiz which was on thunderstorms so that bumped me to an 84% so if my math is right if I keep getting 88%s I should be fine
Now onto my other course which just looks like pure hell on earth for me: Theory of Flight and Aerodynamics (Should be fun right?)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Well tomorrow is the day of my Mid Terms

Well tomorrow 10/15/13 at 09:35 MDT I have my mid term on aviation weather. Scared I won't do great but I will try my best! I guess I am just hoping for some good luck, to be on my side or something! All I can say now is as soon as I find out my results I will let you all know. In other news I am proud of my self I got a 26/27 on my week 7 (last week 10/12/13) aviation weather quiz and did not understand 75% of the section it was on Cold fronts and cyclones which all of it was new to me (Will dive more into each section after my mid term is done and I have plenty of time to write about it!)

Monday, October 7, 2013

An update

So now for the near mid term update on my grade for the Aviation Weather Course I am taking. I have a B+ 87% well 86.6667 so I assume its rounded up to an 87. For a guy with little to no flying experience I take that as a great grade. But one thing I need to do is find someone who is at least a pilot to mentor me.