Thursday, May 15, 2014

Looks like

Looks like I may be staying here in Los Alamos at least until the end of December unless I can some how find a good job up in the Seattle Area that would make the 2000 grand worth it for not having any classes on campus as it appears as of now I am sorta in a way having a dream set up.... All Aviation Courses, but they are all online. Now yes I do want out of this town but why would I go up to Seattle if I can stay here and still go to school. I know some go well you need to experience other college things and meet new people and those from here you need to get the heck out of here! But these will all happen, so don't worry people.

I will post what classes I plan on taking at a later date

Monday, May 12, 2014

Cant wait for something

I cant wait to start ground school on the 14th! Yes soon I will be a pilot well first I have to pass ground school then go to actual flight school. Best part is well sorta depending on how you look at it My dad is joining me on this and a few others I know so big shout outs to them! We can do it!  So for those of you who do not know how the processes works to become a pilot You start out in ground school when you are done with it you take an oral and multiple choice test pass both with a 70 I think or higher you go get a class three medical and your student pilot licence then you start earning your stripes/ hours and when you have enough you go threw solos and check rides pass them you get your PPL Privet Pilots License (Dont quote me on this though may have it sorta backwards lol) Anyways when I get that I have a few people in mind who I truly want to take up those who know me well can guess.... Now. Now some of you may be wondering A how am I paying B why not take in collage well A its free! Yes some how it's free because I guess the CFI wants to get more people into flying and B if I pass ground school I dont have to take it as a required collage course for my degrees I want

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Finals one went well one went...

Well I just finished my final for my stress management class and got an 85/100 so that I am happy and proud of so yes it went well. Now the other final Human Factors in Aviation that went well not so well I got a 67 but don't worry still passed the class with I want to say a very high C perhaps a low B, yes not happy with it but I will take it. Yesterday just may of not been my day I am not sure but today was!