Saturday, April 5, 2014

Green River

So as some of you know I went to Seattle to go see Green River Community Collage for there Aviation Programs. Well Lets Just say I am basically a Gator! Just have to do a few things get some stuff from ENMR and UNM-LA sent up some money for the first Quarter and I am set to go. So just so we all know I am going for at least two perhaps three degrees all Associates but I think I can transfer to University of Washington (UW) for a four year if I wanted to after the two years but who knows anyways the two main ones I am going for are Airline Dispatcher for a job and Air Traffic Controller too well look good for Airlines since I will have seen both sides and now for the third possible it will be Airport Manager. Anyways Today (4/5/14) We are going to the Museum of Flight at Boeing Field (KBFI, BFI) So excited photos to fallow soonish

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