Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Not sure what to title this so lets just call this untitled

Before I start this post I would like to say this is going to be a lot of me venting and cussing and not my normal self writing I would like to make that perfectly clear. Now with out further to do.

Well as those of you close to me know I have ADD and those of you who know me also know it has been my dream for basically the last two or so years to become an Air Traffic Controller.  So I knew I would have to get a medical for it from the FAA so I figured might as well get it now before I go down to Roswell (ROW) I would get it. Figured hey I am smart I like doing things ahead of time lets get this sucker done! So I start looking at what I would need to get the darn fucking thing well I find out since I have ADD I have to get a mental eval done okay fine what ever I will kick ass and be fine. So anyways I have very supportive parents (Don't worry My one or maybe two friends who actually read this darn thing I know I have your support as well and thank you for it! May you all be successful and not have to deal with something like this) I have to right now say thank you to them if they some how find this blog, but anyways they found a Mental Health Person (MHP) as I feel like calling them right now. Well anyways we went down did the tests and basically I am not going to ROW anymore at this point because there is no fucking point not one to go down and waste two years of my life . With that being said I well wont be qualifying for the dam med thing. No I am not mad at the MHP or anything like that, I just feel like I have had my heart and my dream ripped out of me. I mean yeah while I do see the MHPs view on I need to think realistically on my future career  I guess its sorta like that was that was my career yes there are plenty of other Aviation related jobs out there I would most likely do fine in, but for me there jobs not careers. I guess I just feel I would not say dumb or stupid but it still hurts knowing I cant be an Air Traffic Controller the one thing I wanted more then anything else. The MHP also feels I should maybe go back on meds which those who know me know I came off more then a year ago and I do not want to go back hell no I am not fucking going back to them! I have done just fine off them. If theres any thing good well I like about the MHPs report its that I am apparently very smart Verbally in fact above average, I guess all I can say on that is what I love talking.   

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