Sunday, February 16, 2014

I do not know what to do!

Well as some of you know I went on a tour of ZAB and ABQ Terminal/TRACON yesterday (2/16/14 is when this should post so 2/15/14). Of course I asked questions but I found out some bad news as of Dec 30th 2013 the CTI program A no longer gives you any priority at the FAA. As if that was bad enough for me Found out B that it is true they are taking applications right now and C while I can not confirm this you have to be 19 D they normally only take lots of applications 1-3 times every 10 or so years so its like crap I may miss it with no fault of my own and if that was not bad enough they want either a bachelors degree or three years of work experience or a mix ENMR will only give me an associates. This just messes up my entire plan! As some of you who know me very well I hate hate school so I had planed to do as little school as possible I mean its the best option for me. Knowing that My plan was go for ENMR's associates degree in applied science Air Traffic Control, while waiting for the FAA to call me I would then go for Eastern New Mexico's Aviation Science Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science or their Aviation Science Bachelor of Science if FAA called me between when I started and when I finished it then fine I would go to OKC then finish when I had the time and Money (both are mostly if not all online which could help). I wish I could use my auto classes as three years of job exsperince yes I could just go for the bachlers now but like I said I hate school but I knw it looks good to have a bachlers so that's why I was like my orginal plan works for me cuz enmrs stuff would quickly transfer to easterns stuff and I would only have to take maybe a year and a 1/2 of classes

I do not know what to do

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